Eagle Island is an amazing game!


So here I want to get more in depth into what I really think about this Demo that was provided by the creator Pixelnicks.

Eagle Island is a great platformer game where you play a character named Quill that has a owl companion named Koji. I haven’t the faintest clue on the story at this moment, I am still trying to figure that out. But what I can tell you is that the game itself, as a demo, is amazing in itself. I really want to emphasize that it’s JUST a DEMO!

There is a lot to do in this demo too, you can play the standard demo where you go around the map and kill the enemies, collecting gems, and finding upgrades for yourself. You can also play the challenge mode, where you do the same thing but I think what the difference is that there are parts of the map where some doors lock you in and you have to defeat the enemies, or mini boss??, to get out of the doors. This is quite challenging and I have a video on my YouTube Channel that shows my difficulty while doing this, but its not that it is too hard, I just am not super good at platformers. BUT don’t let that deter you from the game! I was on the challenge mode.

There is one more mode, which is the Speed run mode. I haven’t been able to play that at this time, I ran out of time for that video. I will be posting another video later on the speed run, and more on the gameplay for the demo. BUT I believe the speed run part of the demo is to see how fast you can go through the demo’s map without dying.

Anyway, it is a great game! If you were to get the game you would see that the controls are smooth and responsive, the music is a perfect match, the monsters have reasonable difficulty, and the background doesn’t create an issue for the rest of the game, meaning it doesn’t make you super dizzy.

Here is a video for you to watch. Thank you for stopping by!


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