Prices that will make you LOVE your local grocery store!!

Everyone has gone to the store to get something for dinner, breakfast, or other household supplies, and thought about getting a little something extra for either yourself, spouse, or kids. But every once in a while when you do this and find out that the item you were thinking about getting is just a little too much for your budget.

Here are a couple of pictures of MY local stores prices:


I really love this Orange Juice, but at my local store I can’t afford to get only a half-gallon for $10!!

I don’t have  a picture right at this moment, but for a Gallon of Orange juice it can go up to $23!

That is just the prices for juice. I can get a frozen juice that makes 2 quarts for $3.49 + tax. For me that is not all that bad, and it is considerably cheaper! I get juice for my Kids, but I try to get the juice as it shows in the picture (above) that is 100% juice.

There are more prices that can make you spit out your drink such as:

  • In the Year 2014 out local gas price was up to $7/gallon (rounded up) IN some parts of the region of Alaska, Some villages were paying up to and over $10 a gallon.
  • Gallon of milk is around $8 to $9
  • Cigarettes are $10 a pack. (rounded up)

There are a lot more things I can put on here, but I can go on forever! If you have any questions, comments, or want to share some of the prices at your local stores, please feel free to comment on this post, contact me via contact page, or twitter @pemberlife.

Thank you for your time! Have a great night/day.







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