Welcome Fellow Creatures and Things!!

Welcome and Thank you for visiting my site!!! I am very appreciative of your curiosity, and hopefully, will entertain you with my life…my quixotic life!

If you don’t know what this place is currently about, please allow me to provide you with a short explanation.

I have created this site to write about my life, kids, interests, kid’s interests that I look up, and some stuff on video games, which as you have seen I have a page for this specifically. For the stuff on my more “personal” life, that will be posted on my blog page. I will be having more pages connected to this site, but that will be in the distant future. BUT! please bear with me. I will be creating more posts in time.

If you are wondering why my site is called “Pember Life” then look no further! Pember comes from when my son was just a 1.5 years old, when he would speak to me and ask if I “remember” it always came out as “pember.” This word has been my favorite since the first time he has said it! That being said, these words rattled in my head lately, and I got to thinking, it was late, and I was kind of tired. I thought to myself while sitting there doing the normal adult stressing out “Well I just have to pember to life my life, and the world will pember to do so too.” Please remember, I was very tired.

“Pember daddy, when pushed my on the swing, Pember?” – My son

I have a Channel with some entertaining content if you so please to see. You can view these at: